Becoming a Data Scientist Podcast Episode 02: Safia Abdalla

Note: The video is the interview only. The audio podcast has the intro, interview, and data science learning club activity explanation.

In Episode 2 of the Becoming a Data Scientist Podcast, we meet Safia Abdalla, who started programming and even exploring machine learning and natural language processing as a teenager, and is now a student at Northwestern University, a conference speaker and trainer, co-organizer of PyLadies Chicago, and a contributor to Project Jupyter.

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More about the Data Science Learning Club:
Data Science Learning Club Welcome Message
Learning Club Activity 2: Creating visuals for exploratory data analysis
Data Science Learning Club Meet & Greet

Here are the links to things Safia references in the video:



Alan Turing

information retrieval
Introduction to Information Retrieval by C. D. Manning, P. Raghavan, H. Schütze

natural language processing
machine learning

Northwestern Neuroscience and Robotics Lab


Chicago PyLadies Meetups

write speak code

pair programming

mathematicalmonk’s YouTube series on machine learning

@captainsafia on twitter
Safia’s website
Safia’s blog

JupyterDay Chicago 2016 (post by Safia on
Jupyter documentation