Becoming a Data Scientist Podcast Episode 02: Safia Abdalla

Note: The video is the interview only. The audio podcast has the intro, interview, and data science learning club activity explanation.

In Episode 2 of the Becoming a Data Scientist Podcast, we meet Safia Abdalla, who started programming and even exploring machine learning and natural language processing as a teenager, and is now a student at Northwestern University, a conference speaker and trainer, co-organizer of PyLadies Chicago, and a contributor to Project Jupyter.

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More about the Data Science Learning Club:
Data Science Learning Club Welcome Message
Learning Club Activity 2: Creating visuals for exploratory data analysis
Data Science Learning Club Meet & Greet

Here are the links to things Safia references in the video:



Alan Turing

information retrieval
Introduction to Information Retrieval by C. D. Manning, P. Raghavan, H. Sch├╝tze

natural language processing
machine learning

Northwestern Neuroscience and Robotics Lab


Chicago PyLadies Meetups

write speak code

pair programming

mathematicalmonk’s YouTube series on machine learning

@captainsafia on twitter
Safia’s website
Safia’s blog

JupyterDay Chicago 2016 (post by Safia on
Jupyter documentation