Hi #DemystifyDS Attendees!

September 27, 2017

I’m assuming that some people who see my talk at Demystifying Data Science conference will be dropping by here, so I wanted to put up a quick post summarizing some of the resources I have made available to data science learners!

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Becoming a Data Scientist Podcast Special Episode

November 13, 2016

Becoming a Data Scientist podcast, Partially Derivative podcast, Adversarial Learning podcast, and some other awesome data people that do elections forecasting for their day jobs joined together for this talk about the US election and the subsequent major questions surrounding the predictions, since basically all of them heavily leaned toward a different overall outcome than we got. If you’re interested at all in data science surrounding political campaigns, this episode is a must-listen!

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PyData DC 2016 Talk

October 11, 2016

I just got back from PydataDC, where I learned a lot, had fun, and met a bunch of awesome people! I’ll definitely write about it more later, but I wanted to share my slides here since I told the attendees they could find them on my website. I got good feedback on the talk, and I’m so glad that my message resonated with some people! The talk was recorded and video should be out within a few weeks! Here are the slides: Becoming a Data Scientist – Advice from my Podcast Guests and the slide notes. Update 10/26: Here is the recording of my talk, with a playlist of other talks from PyData...

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“Becoming a Data Scientist” Learning Club?

November 8, 2015

I have been thinking about doing a “Becoming a Data Scientist” podcast for a long time, at least since April. The podcast would include interviews focused on how people working in various data-science-related jobs got to where they are today (how did they “become a data scientist”?). I’m getting closer to taking the dive and getting it started.

I had an idea today that would take it a step further. Imagine how book clubs work where you pick a book, go off and read it, then gather occasionally to discuss and record your thoughts. Except instead of a book club, it’s a data science learning club!

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Girl Develop It! Meetup

March 2, 2015

In the past, I’ve been “semi-anonymous” on this blog, not advertising my real name or employment. However, if I’m going to start doing “appearances”, I might as well make it easy for people to match up my blog with my name! So hello, I’m Renee Marie Parilak Teate, and I’m becoming a data scientist :) I’m about to give a talk/Q&A for our local Girl Develop It! Central Virginia chapter via Google Hangout on March 18 at 7pm EST as part of their “Day in the Life of” series featuring women in technical roles. Here’s the link: Day in the Life of a Data Analyst PLUS “What is Data Science?” with Renee Teate I would love for any ladies following this blog to attend and say hi! Update I think the meetup went well! (Other than issues with Google Hangouts On Air not allowing as many people as I read it would allow… I need to figure out how to include “viewers” that aren’t in the limited set of “video participants” for the future.) I was nervous and ad-libbing a lot of it, trying to balance between making it understandable for beginners, but including some info for the more advanced viewers. It’s tough giving a talk like this for a general audience. I had fun, though! I’ve gotten good feedback from a few attendees, and we also discussed a future meetup focusing on Geospatial/GIS data, so that was exciting! Here is the powerpoint from the data science part of my talk: What is Data Science? (PDF) The books and some of the courses we talked about are listed here, and there are links to the ones I have reviewed: Learning page For those of you that weren’t able to attend, there is a recording of the meetup here: YouTube I’ll list more links in the comments as I come across them this...

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Charlottesville Data Science Internships

February 7, 2015

There is going to be a meetup on February 23rd in Charlottesville, VA where local companies will present their data science internship opportunities and talk about data science work in general. This will be my first time going to a C’ville Data Science meetup, and I hope to bring some JMU students with me to check it out! I’m especially interested to see what local companies are doing in this field. Here is a link for the meetup RSVP: http://93c8bd6327df765cc17b343e7a.doorkeeper.jp/events/20668 I have heard that these companies will be there: Arqball CCRi Elder Research MDA timbr.io Post below if you plan to go. JMU students, contact me if you need a ride from...

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