Bias in Machine Learning Flipboard Magazine

March 25, 2017

Quick note for those of you who follow me on Flipboard. I added another one, seeded with links from my Challenge to Data Scientists article, on Bias in Machine Learning. Enjoy!

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Data Science Tutorials Flipboard Magazine

October 21, 2015

I have been getting great feedback on my “Becoming a Data Scientist” Flipboard magazine, and I had this other set of articles bookmarked that didn’t quite fit into it. I want the Becoming a Data Scientist one to be the “best of the best” of articles I find on Twitter about data science, and to focus on understanding data science and related topics without getting too into the “nitty gritty”. However, I often come across great data science related tutorials on very specific topics that may not have broad appeal (and might look scary to beginners) but I also wanted to share. So I started the “Data Science Related Tutorials” Flipboard magazine....

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Becoming A Data Scientist Flipboard Magazine

October 10, 2015

I love finding and sharing good articles about data science related topics on twitter, but I know not everyone is on twitter, and also sometimes tweets get quickly lost in the timeline and they’re easy to miss. So, I’ve started sharing the best articles via a Flipboard magazine as well! Check it out!

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