Becoming a Data Scientist Podcast Episode 05: Clare Corthell

Renee Teate interviews Clare Corthell, founding partner of (now Luminant Data) and creator of the Open Source Data Science Masters curriculum, about becoming a data scientist.

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Data Science Learning Club Welcome Message
Learning Club Activity 5: Naive Bayes Classification
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Resources/topics mentioned by Clare in the interview:

Management Science and Engineering
Markov Chains
Science, Technology, and Society at Stanford

A Challenge to Data Scientists (blog post Renee mentioned)

Product Management
Machine Learning

Open Source Data Science Masters
Nate Silver’s book The Signal and the Noise

Linear Algebra (on Khan Academy)

Bill Howe’s Introduction to Data Science Coursera Course

Recurrent Neural Nets
Bayesian Networks


Google Prediction API

data cleaning

Open Source Data Science Masters on GitHub (pull requests welcome!) (Update 2/15 – Clare’s company is now Luminant Data, Inc.)
@ClareCorthell on twitter

Other links:

SlideShare Slides about Open Source Data Science Masters

Talk Clare gave at Wrangle Conference about AI Design for Humans

Clare Corthell