Podcast Listens Analysis

I’ve been telling everyone that I’d do something “data fun” when I hit 20K Twitter followers, so I posted an analysis of my podcast listeners! I used python and pandas in a Jupyter notebook for the first part, then I did a dashboard in Tableau for the last part.

Here’s a video of me explaining the analysis:

A few notes as I skim through:

  • That part that was broken is where I hadn’t changed from the real IP to the random IP (sorry search bot), so I fixed that in the file below
  • I pointed to the wrong thing when I was talking about how long I’d been around…Becoming a Data Scientist Podcast started in December 2015! So 1 year later there was a day larger than the 1st day for the 1st 3 episodes.
  • The top IP that got 36 views – I’ll have to look into it, but I think it could be multiple IPs getting assigned the same random number. I’ll take a look and come back when I have a chance.

Here are all of the episodes, so you can go back and listen to any you missed!

You can download the HTML versions of my Jupyter notebooks, and also play with the Tableau dashboards at these links:

“Clean” version of the Jupyter notebook

Full messy analysis Jupyter notebook

Listen monitoring Tableau dashboard

Interactive episodes by week Tableau dashboard

If you have suggestions for how to do the code in a more sensible way than how I rushed and did it, or if you have any questions, feel free to add suggestions in the comments below!