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Activity: Logistic Regression - Activity Description & Resources
Hi Everyone -
As you've heard in the announcements at the end of the audio-version podcast episodes, and as you can tell by my delayed posts here in the learning club - I could use some help keeping up with everything here while I work on some strategies for making more time to contribute content myself. This activity is about logistic regression. I'll post a few resources I have bookmarked, but please add any resources as comments to this thread that could help others learn about logistic regression. If you have time, please go back to past activities and add any resources to the main thread that you found particularly helpful to your understanding.

Logistic Regression (wikipedia)

Logistic Regression video from Mathematical Monk
Titanic dataset logistic regression in python and pandas video

scikit-learn (python) logistic regression classifier

Evaluating Logistic Regression Models ®

Practical Data Science with R (book)
Data Science from Scratch: First Principles with Python (book)
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