My “Secret” Side Project, Revealed

OK So I was actually hoping to show this to you all long ago, and I kept coming up with more and more ideas for it, so it’s not going to be “ready” to reveal for a while, but I figured I’d go ahead and show it to you anyway.

My main motivation is that I keep hearing people say (and sometimes feel myself) that learning to becoming a data scientist on your own using online resources is totally overwhelming: there are so many different possible topics to dive into, few really good guides, lots of impostor-syndrome-inducing posts by people you follow that make you feel like they’re so far ahead of where you are and you’ll *never* get there…. but there’s so much great data science learning content online for everyone from beginners to experienced data scientists!

We need a better way to navigate it.

Hence my new website: “Data Sci Guide”. It will eventually have a personalized recommender system and structured learning guides and all kinds of other features to help you find the resources to go from where you are to where you want to be, but for now it’s “just” a directory / content rating site. And it’s not ready for you to interact with yet, but it’s getting there, and I’ll need your help fleshing it all out soon.

So go take a look! Then come back here to give me feedback and suggestions, because you have to be registered to comment there and I didn’t turn on new user registration yet.

OK go now. Don’t forget to come back!




So…. what did you think? What do you think of the overall idea and plans? What should I be sure to remember to include? Tell me below!



  1. Renee
    Aug 1, 2015

    There are only 3 test items up there for content so far… I’ve mostly been working on the structure of the site:

  2. Yair
    Aug 1, 2015

    It would be awesome if your side project be more like a career from online resources. ;)

  3. Yair
    Aug 1, 2015

    Like an University. That would be insane. :)

    • Renee
      Aug 2, 2015

      There is an “open source data science masters” curated by Clare Corthell @clarecorthell
      Check it out! :)

  4. Bruno Gomes
    Aug 3, 2015

    Well done!!!
    When I decided to study Data Science, I was motivate by graphics. I was like “OMG That map with a lot of information!”.
    I think you could create a map with the content you post in Data Sci Guide…
    Your project is awesome, KEEP GOING!

    • Renee
      Aug 3, 2015

      Thanks for the positive feedback, Bruno! A map is an interesting idea.