Becoming A Data Scientist Podcast Episode 01: Will Kurt

Note: The video is the interview only. The audio podcast has the intro, interview, and data science learning club activity explanation.

In this episode we meet Will Kurt, who talks about his path from English & Literature and Library & Information Science degrees to becoming the Lead Data Scientist at KISSmetrics. He also tells us about his probability blog, Count Bayesie, and I introduce Data Science Learning Club Activity 1. Will has some great advice for people learning data science!

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More about the Data Science Learning Club:
Data Science Learning Club Welcome Message
Learning Club Activity 1: Find and explore a dataset
Data Science Learning Club Meet & Greet

Here are the links to things Will references in the video:





Tandy 1000


Library and Information Science



Support Vector Machines


Andrew Ng’s Machine Learning course on Coursera

probabalistic graphical models

T.S. Eliot’s Four Quartets



Count Bayesie blog
Count Bayesie – Parameter Estimation and Hypothesis Testing

R Markdown

Donald Knuth
Literate programming



Claude Shannon’s Mathematical Theory of Communication

Count Basie (musician)

Count Bayesie – Measure Theory
Bayes’ Theorem with Lego
Voight-Kampff and Bayes Factor
Black Friday Puzzle – Markov Chains

Zen Buddhism concept of “beginner’s mind”

Count Bayesie Recommended Books on Probability and Statistics



  1. Mike
    Dec 22, 2015

    Excellent first episode, and it really hammered home that it’s OK to feel somewhat overwhelmed by all the information and resources out there (where do I begin?)!

    When submitting to podcast aggregators, please consider Pocket Casts, one of the better ones out there for Android. I couldn’t find it through their discovery function, but I was able to grab it via the RSS feed. Looking forward to Ep 2!

    • Renee
      Dec 28, 2015

      Thanks for the positive feedback and recommendation! Yes, I’ll submit it to pocket casts!

  2. Bruno
    Dec 23, 2015

    This is great. Have you considered posting this as a podcast in iTunes? It’d be a lot easier to download the latest episode that way. Thank you.

    • Renee
      Dec 28, 2015

      Yes, I just need to download iTunes (which I’ll probably do on a virtual machine I can destroy afterward as someone suggested) in order to submit it. Other sites just have a web form!

      I’m also planning to submit to Pocket Casts.

      Thanks for listening!