The Becoming a Data Scientist tees are ready to sell! I ordered a couple myself before posting them for sale, to make sure the quality was good. They came out great!! And if you order from Teespring before MarchApril 1, 2017 using this link: Becoming a Data Scientist Store – Free Shipping, you’ll get free shipping on your order!

(Readers told me that the link above doesn’t discount at all for International shipping, so if you are outside the US, use this link for $3.99 off – equivalent to US Shipping cost)


The design is a combination of those submitted to our contest by Amarendranath “Amar” Reddy and Ryne & Alexis. You can see their design submissions and read more about them on the finalists post! They are each receiving prizes for being selected. Thanks Amar, Ryne, and Alexis for the awesome design!

There are a variety of styles and colors available. The Premium Tee is 100% cotton. The Women’s Premium is a 50/50 cotton/poly blend, and is cut to fit more snugly. They are available in navy blue, gray, purple, and black. There’s even a long-sleeve version!

I make anywhere from $2-$7 on each order (it’s print-on-demand, so not cheap enough for me to make a significant profit yet, and my proceeds will be lower with the free shipping offer, but I want to reward those of you who are excited to flaunt your Becoming a Data Scientist status!) and every dollar earned from these will be going to the fund that helps support my new small team of assistants, who you’ll meet soon! Also, the more of them I sell, the lower the cost to print is per shirt, so please share with all of your friends!

20170214_232527 20170214_234400
Here are photos of me wearing the shirt, but this was before I made the front design slightly smaller (so it doesn’t wrap into armpit), and I moved the back design slightly higher and also made the gray dots (data points?) transparent so the color of the shirt will show through there now (see store images above for current design). You can see that the teal came out as a lighter blue in printing. This is the “Premium Tee” style in “New Navy”.

Here’s a model wearing a simulated version of the shirt.

Order yours here, with Free Shipping Until March 1!

Update: Kids sizes now available, too!
(the design is on the front for kids’ shirts)